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What are Keywords?

Keywords are the main terms/words relevant the products/services your website is offering which describes the content which your clients can find our your website as well.

Why keyword analysis is necessary?

Make sure your keywords you are targeting are best suited for your potential customers. Ensure people are actually searching for your keywords, what are they typing into Google exactly and how many people are searching monthly. Our main focus is providing your website with the best targeted Google keywords for the best amount of targeted traffic from real potential buyers.

In online marketing, keyword analysis from the ground step that is extremely important for your seo campaign

The outcome of a good keyword strategy will ensure that your SEO campaign is

  1. Targeting right audience
  2. Getting lots of relevant traffic from real potential buyers
  3. Focusing on targeting geographic location from buyers in your country

We use the Google keywords analysis tool. This google keywords analysis report researches your 10 most effective keywords and top5 variations of those keywords. so 50 good solid keywords would be reported back to you for consideration where you will be allowed to choose which ones you feel would be best suited for your website.

We recommend that you choose 3-5 high competition, 3 medium and 3 low.

With our keyword research strategy your can rest assured for short success, medium term success and long term greatness