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The Seo audit step will be the start of our search engine optimization process, we will start by of identifying SEO problems on your website. This audit will not be a complete major audit but will help identify major problems you might have with your website’s SEO and performance. These are the same guidelines which our SEO specialists perform on your web pages when doing a detailed SEO audit.

SEO Audit – 10 step seo problem checklist

  1. SEO Title Tags – This is metadata found in your source code and crawled by search engines,  We will ensure that it contains keywords relevant to your business website and repeat this process on your pages.
  2. SEO Meta Description – This is metadata found in your source code and crawled by search engines which describes what the content of your website offers and should be highly motivating to make the user want to click your link and read your webpage.
  3. SEO Headings – All your heading should be readable and make you want to read further.
  4. SEO Page Content – How many words are each of your pages? AIs your content unique on your website or is someone copying your content? Your should contain text contain variations of targeted keywords and realistic keyword phrases for which you are trying to attract visitors and interested buyers.
  5. SEO Friendly Url Structures – Your webpages URLs should be SEO friendly and display text describing your pages and should be properly organized. Your webpage URLs should avoid strange symbols like questions marks, numbers and anything else that does not describe your page or relate to your pages.
  6.  SEO Internal Linking Structure – You should have an internal linking structure, Google loves this and users should be able to navigate your site from any page. You should be able to reach any page on your website from your homepage.
  7. Business Name, Address and Phone Number – Your business details should be accessible on your website including your business’s name, address and local phone number.
  8. Pages Indexed Check – We will check whether you have any pages indexed by Google and check how many you have indexed compared to how many you pages you have in total on your website.
  9. Website Performance – Did you know Google scores every website according to how fast your pages load for your users? The can, in fact, affect your Google search engine rankings positively or negatively.
  10. Linking Sites – A basic check on how many sites are linking back to you, we will let you know how many current back-links you have as well as your current Alexa rank.

We will send your SEO site audit with advice to improve upon any problems we found in pdf format or HTML format via email.